What We Do

Shetland Charitable Trust is, as the name suggests, both a Scottish charity and a trust.

Shetland Charitable Trust BuildingThe governing trust deed requires that the Trustees act in the best interest of the inhabitants of Shetland, and charity legislation, along with the trust deed, specifies the type of charitable activity that the Trust can support. Although Shetland Charitable Trust carries out some charitable activities itself, it mostly achieves its objects by funding other charities in Shetland, together called the funded bodies. Find out more about who we fund.

A charity can invest money with the agreement of HM Revenue and Customs, generally to make more money to fund future charitable activities. Shetland Charitable Trust invests in the world’s market, and also in subsidiary companies such as SLAP, SHEAP and SCT Renewables Ltd. Find out more about our investments.