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The Shetland Charitable Trust supports through funding a number of charitable organisations and projects, where there is a clear benefit to the Shetland community.

Charitable Organisations

Children's Befriending Scheme

Children's Befriending Scheme

The Children's Befriending Scheme - VAS is available for young persons aged 7-15 years old who lack consistent positive adult role models and who would benefit from regular one on one contact from an adult befriender.


Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau

Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau

Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of the community in Shetland, by the advancement of education, the protection of health and the relief of poverty, sickness and distress.



Promotes opportunities for enterprise, work and life skills training and community service for people with learning difficulties in Shetland.


Ability Shetland Recreational Club

To support the efforts of disabled people to realise their full potential in all areas of life.


The Shetland Amenity Trust

The Shetland Amenity Trust

Benefits all ages across Shetland. In particular, strengthening the cultural identities within communities and preserving Shetland's heritage for future generations.


Shetland Arts

Shetland Arts

Supports and encourages the continual development of all art forms.


Shetland Link Up

Benefit the community and people of Shetland by offering support and relief to, and facilitating friendship for, those affected by mental ill health.

Shetland Recreational Trust

Shetland Recreational Trust

Provides, or assists in the provision of, facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the condition of life for the inhabitants of Shetland.


Royal Voluntary Service - Shetland

Royal Voluntary Service - Shetland

Enables older people in Shetland to get more out of life by delivering practical support through the power of volunteering.


Voluntary Action Shetland

Voluntary Action Shetland

VAS provide a central point for advice and information to the voluntary sector in Shetland.



Arts Grant Scheme

Financially assist and support under 18's and not for profit community groups catering for those under 18 with a wide range of arts projects and activities.

Support to the Rural Care Model

Subsidises the cost of having small care homes in rural areas of Shetland.

Local Charitable Organisations

A source of funding for voluntary organisations that provides care and/or welfare activities and services in the Shetland community.

Planned Maintenance Programme

Ensures that certain buildings, equipment and other assets Shetland Charitable Trust have invested in are well maintained and in good working condition.

Senior Citizens Clubs

A source of funding to support clubs throughout Shetland with their annual programme costs.


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