Departing chair was ‘tremendous asset’ to Shetland Charitable Trust

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Published: 01 June 2023

Shetland Charitable Trust (SCT) has bid farewell to chair Dr Andrew Cooper after four years at the helm and eight years as a voluntary trustee on one of Scotland’s biggest charities.

When he started in 2015, trust funds were worth £207 million. They now stand at £374m. During the intervening period SCT has spent £99m helping to improve quality of life in Shetland.

SCT chief executive Ann Black said today: “It has been a genuine privilege working with Dr Cooper – for the staff and, I’m sure, for the trustees as well. He has proven extremely capable and a tremendous asset to the trust.”

During Dr Cooper’s period in office, SCT achieved its aim of returning its funds and its spending to a sustainable financial footing. In 2021 this stability meant SCT was able to double the number of organisations receiving grant aid. Last year £8.6 million was paid out to 32 local charities on top of a round of small grants.

A new strategic plan agreed during Dr Cooper’s tenure has placed more emphasis on tackling inequality and promoting social inclusion. 

Dr Cooper, a retired medical GP, also presided over the trust’s gift of £500,000 to the community appeal to buy an MRI scanner to enhance medical diagnoses in Shetland.

A new chair will be elected from among existing trustees when they meet next Thursday 8th June.


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