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Shetland Charitable Trust is, as the name suggests, both a Scottish charity and a trust.



Shetland Charitable Trust is both a Scottish charity and a trust set up to benefit the people of Shetland.

Our governing Trust Deed requires Trustees to act in the best interest of the Shetland people. Charity legislation, along with the deed, specifies the types of charitable activities the Trust can support.

Although Shetland Charitable Trust carries out some charitable activities itself, it mostly provides funding to other charities and organisations in Shetland. Find out more about who we fund.

Since its creation in 1976, the Trust has disbursed over £320m on charitable activities to a wide range of local charities, organisations and individuals.

Funding from Shetland Charitable Trust has enabled the construction of many of Shetland's recreational, cultural and welfare assets, including rural care homes, swimming pools, and leisure centres, and the Shetland Museum and Archives.

The Trust continues to support these community assets through revenue funding to the organsations that operate them. It also supports many other local organisation that provide real benefit to the people of Shetland.

Shetland Charitable Trust also invests in the world's markets and in two subsidiary companies Shetland Heat Energy and Power Limited and SCT Renewables Limited in order to make more money to fund future charitable activities. All investments are made in agreement with HM Revenue and Customs. Find out more about our investments.