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Shetland Charitable Trust funds several grant schemes to support the arts, development and more throughout Shetland.

Main Grant Scheme 

Shetland Charitable Trust Main Grant Scheme is now closed to funding bids for 2021/22.


Small Grant Scheme 

Shetland Charitable Trust’s new Small Grant Scheme for 2021/22 is now open for applications with a closing date of 26 January 2021.

The Small Grants Scheme will provide up to 75 per cent of project costs and will be open to constituted community groups with a turnover of less than £50,000 a year involved in the fields of social care and welfare, arts and culture, heritage and the environment or sport and recreation.

Applicants can apply for £500 to £5,000.


Application Form

Guidance Notes

Small Grant Scheme Summary



Arts Grants

For an application form, please contact 

Please note that this scheme will cease on 31 March 2021.


Senior Citizens Club Grants

This grant aid scheme can support not for profit community groups that organise and deliver social and recreational activities for local Senior Citizens clubs. This scheme can assist with annual running costs for Senior Citizens clubs.

Please note that this scheme will cease on 31 March 2021.


Capital Works Bridging Loan Scheme

This bridging loan scheme is available to organisations carrying out work on a public facility or providing a new public facility in Shetland which is eligible for grant funding from EU/Scottish Government/Lottery when the funding is released on receipt of paid invoices.

For an application form, please contact 



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