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Shetland Charitable Trust funds several grant schemes to support the arts, development and more throughout Shetland.

Main Grant Scheme 

Shetland Charitable Trust is now open to applications from eligible organisations for grant funding.

Applicants can seek funding for up to four years, with no cap on the funding that can be applied for.

Please refer to the Main Grant Scheme – Application Guidance (below) to check your organisation or activity is eligible for funding prior to submitting an application.

The application pack below should provide you with all the required information to complete your application.

The application process is competitive and we cannot guarantee to fund every good quality application that we receive.

The closing date for applications is Monday 31 August 2020 at 12 noon. Late applications will not be accepted.

Main Grant Scheme Application Form

Appendix A - Cost Breakdown

Appendix B - Cash Projections

Appendix C - Evaluation Plan

Main Grant Scheme Application Guidance

Strategy Map


Arts Grants

This grant aid scheme is designed to support under 18's and not for profit community groups catering for those under 18 to develop their art form and/or deliver arts related projects and events that meet local needs and make a lasting difference in the community.  The scheme can support all forms of arts genres including visual arts, crafts, drama, dialect, film, literature, music, theatre and combined arts

End of grant evaluation form for groups

End of grant evaluation form for individuals

For an application form, please contact 

You must acknowledge your Shetland Arts Fund grant on all publicity and marketing materials. Where appropriate, you should include the Shetland Arts Fund Logo and the text, Supported by Shetland Arts Fund. Please contact Shetland Charitable Trust for the logo.


Senior Citizens Club Grants

This grant aid scheme can support not for profit community groups that organise and deliver social and recreational activities for local Senior Citizens clubs. This scheme can assist with annual running costs for Senior Citizens clubs.

Senior Citizens Club Grant Guidelines

Senior Citizens Club Grant Application Form

Senior Citizens Club end of Grant Evaluation Form

Please note that you will need to print off the form, complete it by hand and post it to us at the address below.


Capital Works Bridging Loan Scheme

This bridging loan scheme is available to organisations carrying out work on a public facility or providing a new public facility in Shetland which is eligible for grant funding from EU/Scottish Government/Lottery when the funding is released on receipt of paid invoices.

Capital Works Bridging Loan Scheme Application Form



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